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If our standard products don't meet your needs, you may want to try several custom configurations to see what works best. Select a custom combination of our standard parts to create one or several samples using our questionnaire (below). Please review the information in the design guide before making your selections. Options include: flexible arm type and length (determines strength and "feel"), standard fittings (M/F threaded), covering color, brackets, die-castings, and combination arms (part rigid and part flexible, or combine two flexible arms). Samples are usually eligible for same-day or next-day shipping, unless further customization or engineering is required. 

Flexible arms offer unique adjustability, unmatched ease of use and exceptional longevity for positioning, holding, and task lighting applications. While we sometimes create fully engineered flexible arms for direct end-users, we have become a valuable partner to thousands of OEMs designing new products for resale. Our engineers can help you select basic options as well as design custom CNC machined fittings or order specialty components. We serve customers in medical, industrial, craft trades, exercise, military, security, task lighting, display, electronic display, food service, and many other fields. Check out our FLEXIBLE ARM PORTFOLIO to see examples of our custom and engineered flexible arm products!
To get started, download our FLEXIBLE ARM DESIGN GUIDE. Study the options available and then fill out the electronic questionnaire (below), which incorporates images from the design guide. Tell us as much as you can about your application. Sketches or photos can be attached so we can understand your needs better! If the project is not possible, beyond our capabilities, or too small to be economically viable we will inform you right away. Otherwise, our engineers will contact you to discuss your requirements, design new components for CNC machining, and develop prototype(s) until we have delivered a final design to your satisfaction. Once you approve the final design, we review the bill of material and other pertinent information about the project before providing you with a final quotation.
Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-346-0761 with any questions!

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Flex Arm Custom Application Questionnaire

Moffatt Products Custom Flex Arms

Company Information


Application Information

hover for larger image: Flex Arms Position

Flex Arm Specifics

Size: An application sketch will help us determine the proper arm type (size) for your application.
Select a diameter from the attached chart or refer to the load chart for each arm in the design guide, enter “not sure” if you want us to recommend a size.
Flex Arms Size Chart
(see page 3)
Does the arm need to be hollow?
(see page 3)
Color Preference:
Flex Arms Color Chart
(see page 4)

Not all the arm sizes are available in all colors. Please choose the color preference you prefer,
and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Arm Styles:
Flex Arms Size Chart

Top Fitting:
Flex Arms Female Threads Flex Arms Male Threads
(see page 5 & 6)
Base Fitting:
(see page 6 & 7)
Fittings: Flex Arms Base Fittings
Are plates or brackets needed? Flex Arms Base Fitting Brackets or Plates
Mount: Flex Arms Base Mounts