We Help Design a Support Arm That Enhances the Positioning of Your Product...

We know how frustrating this part of a design process can be! Our design team helps you make design decisions faster and can respond quickly with prototypes.


Shop our online store and choose from a variety of our most popular off-the-shelf flex arm offerings. These standard flex arms feature arm length, threaded end, and mounting base choices and are supplied with the classic Moffatt black vinyl covering. Choose from flex arms with heavy duty (H/D) or light duty (L/D) capacity ratings.


• 6″  – 30″ lengths
• H/D or L/D capacity ratings
• Male or female threaded ends
• Brackets, clamps, plates, and magnet bases
• All arms equipped with black vinyl covering


Custom flex arm assemblies are a combination of already developed off-the-shelf options. Choices include custom lengths, a range of strength options, a variety of standard color options, and an extensive selection of threaded ends, brackets, clamps, mounting plates, and magnet bases. Choose from already developed components to create the best fit for your specific flex arm application.


• Lengths
• Colors
• Threaded fittings
• Brackets, clamps, plates and magnet bases
• Various strength capacities


Do you have an application where standard or custom options just won’t meet the need? Our engineered flexible arms open the door to unique solutions designed to your exact specifications. Take advantage of experienced design assistance, machined end fittings, multi-section arm assemblies (mixture of flex and rigid), color match possibilities and more. Give us a call and let our design experts go to work for you.


• Access to experienced design engineers

• Non-disclosure agreements

• CNC, die cast, or other specialty end fittings

• Special paint options or color matching

• In-house test procedures