Moffatt Products, Inc.

Flexible Arm Product Engineering

Moffatt Products designs and manufactures a variety of gooseneck flex arm products. Whether it be for positioning, holding, safety shielding, magnifying, or task lighting, we can help you select, modify or create new components that will blend seamlessly with your application setting and equipment. We routinely fill orders from 25 to 25,000 for OEM’s, distributors, and direct end users.

Our friendly and dedicated staff look forward to bringing your flex arm supported product designs from concept to market. You’ll enjoy doing business with Moffatt!

A Family Business

It all started in a service station...

In 1954, Dillon Moffatt wanted a better design for the trouble light he used as an automotive mechanic while running his own service station in Minneapolis. Starting in a basement shop and making one light at a time for his service station customers, he grew the business by making task lights the way his customers wanted them made. With regular trade show exhibiting and the passing of time, Moffatt lights became well-known in factories and machine shops across the country for their cool-to-the-touch shades, exceptional durability, and quality workmanship.


Dave Moffatt

President & Mechanical Engineer

Mark Moffatt

General Manager

Jeff Moffatt

Sales & Engineering Technician

Dave earned his mechanical engineering degree and returned in 1975 to help Dillon move the business to the North Shore of Lake Superior near Grand Marais, MN. Around that time, customers began to ask for flex arms without lights in order to position or hold their own devices or products. Dave’s engineering degree proved to be a timely asset as it allowed the company to start saying “yes” to those inquiries. He also drove the delivery truck every weekend to Minneapolis over the next ten years and helped out wherever necessary. The hard work paid off as they expanded into new markets and built trust with an increasing number of customers and vendors.


In the mid-1980’s Dillon was diagnosed with cancer. He received treatment and appeared to be in remission when an old friend called to tell him to consider moving the business again. Despite his declining health, they decided to move once more in 1986 to Watertown, South Dakota. Dillon helped Dave move into the new building and hire a new staff in October, but, unfortunately, his cancer returned that same month. He passed away two years later, leaving a lasting legacy of a meticulous work ethic and passion for providing exceptional service to employees and customers alike. Dave has led the business since then into new fields and industries, creating new design concepts to support more load, expanding the selection of components, and planning for the future in every area of the business.


Moffatt Products will be entering its third generation with both of Dave’s sons. He asked Mark to return as a Production Manager in 2014 to help manage the building expansion. Mark has contributed to projects in all areas of the business including product design, vendor sourcing, inventory, manufacturing process improvement, information management, marketing, and human resources. In 2017, Jeff joined the business as a Sales and Engineering Technician and is supporting both departments with product design projects, improving shop equipment and workstations, and brings 3D-CAD drawing and 3D printing experience to the team.


We take great pride in our customers’ products, our people, and our community. If you’re ever in our area, please stop by for a tour and get to know us!

Thank you for your time and your interest in our company!